Revolutionizing user and enterprise empowerment through better data control.

Hi, I am Alexandra Grisanti, a product designer in Stockholm, Sweden. My goal is to design products that advocate for users rights to their data.

Augmented photo of me

ooo Regulations + Product Design.

It's more fun than it sounds!

Regulations are an opportunity for business growth and new product ideas. Privacy and data control is so important. Designing new products with data transparency in its fabric is the foundation of sustainable business models today.

Professionals think about risks and liabilities.

As product designers, we need to advocate for the user's right to their data. Whether our user is a company or an individual consumer, data handling is a crucial part of product design.

Rather than finding restrictions as an obstacle for product design, it can fuel creative solutions.

Design is all about how a product functions. Considering the impacts of information security in product design, is essential for sustainable products and business models today.

*illustration credit goes to Storyset